Nhance engineers have experience of structural design of structures in Thermal Power Plants, Hydro Power Plants and also in renewable sectors like in Wind energy.

Nhance team members are recruited based on their strong engineering skills and they rotate continuously between designs of different sectors & structures. All designs gets reviewed by peers and seniors in the organization. This continuous exposure makes the engineers to apply learnings from one type of structure to other and generate number of alternate options. All these skills were needed when Mesco Project wanted to expand the Wagon Tipper Complex without disruption to existing operations and next to an operational Railway track.

In Thermal Power, nhance worked under tight deadlines in designing Coal Handling Plant for 2 x 67.5 MW Bhubaneshwar TPP where some of the transfer towers were that are close to coast and were over 80 m in height. Similar technical excellence was applied in providing optimized design of TG Deck and TG Building of the CDQ Power Project at Kalinganagar, Odisha. Nhance team in addition to design and review services also can offer fabrication details like the work with CHP of 2x800 MW Raichur Power Corporation Limited,Yermarus TPP.

nhance designed the hydropower plant structures of SardarSrovar Nigam Ltd project our scope was in the design of main Power House Structure, Forebay and tail pond structures

nhance engineers worked to the demanding construction schedule and always came with a solution when a problem was thrown at site. Mr. Hari Prasad Paruchuri, COO at TPSC (India)

Our Projects

Bhubaneshwar Thermal Power Project

Nhance designed and provided fabrication drawings of Coal Handling Plant for the 2x67.5MW TPP. One of the design challenges was in designing the 54m...

Cooling Fan Foundation - Essar Steel

nhance team designed the cooling fan foundation which required advanced numerical analysis of complete pilecap with piles and soil. Loading was...

Pump Houses at Simhasta Link on Narmada

Pump Houses at Simhasta Link on Narmada