Roads & Bridges

nhance as a partner in providing latest software solutions to local market has expertise to design all types of transport projects.

Nhance works in close partnership with clients to understand the needs of the projects and come with optimized solutions that fit to the pace and scale of the projects.   Nhance team comprises of highly trained design engineers and technicians who bring expertise and flair together to bring the projects to reality.

With the need to provide faster detailed design to projects in days rather than in weeks, our ability to use in-house quality tested softwares to project specific tools help in test many structural configurations within the limited available time and offer high-quality design output; like our work on design of all the toll gate control buildings of Hyderabad Outer Ring Road Project.

nhance engineers in addition to using own software programs, use industry standard software like LUSAS for design of bridges and complex structures.  Nhance is both a user and represents the LUSAS software for other customers of Indian market.

Nhance can design and assess virtually all types of structures including pipe bridges and culverts, flyovers, underpasses.  Nhance engineers can provide solutions for both super and sub structures, proficient in design of steel and concrete and a range of Indian and international design standards.

Our engineers used the same skills set with L&T Metro’s Hyderabad Metrorail project in assisting the station design.

nhance engineers designed to the demanding technical standards of the Hyderabad Metro Project and delivered station designs. Mr. Venugopal B, Deputy General Manager, L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Ltd

Our Projects

Toll gate plazas – Outer Ring Road, Hyderabad

Nhance engineers worked with Egis project engineers in designing 21 toll plaza control centers for the Hyderabad Outer Ring Road project. The Control...

Hyderabad Metro Rail Project

Nhance engineers designed entry and exit arms and walk way corridors for a number of stations of the Hyderabad Metro rail project. Each station...